Total knee replacement surgery (total knee arthroplasty) (TKA) is an option for individuals with pain resulting from degenerative joint disease, an accident, or a knee deformity. During surgery, damaged or arthritic surfaces of the distal femur and proximal tibia and the rest of the knee joint are replaced with metal and plastic materials to restore the integrity of the joint.

If you and your doctor decide upon total knee replacement, your surgery will take place in one of Hoag’s state-of-the-art operating rooms. You will be admitted to Hoag as an inpatient, with a length of stay that can vary between two and four days. The length of the surgical procedure can vary as well, most often between one and two hours. Various techniques and implants exist, and your surgeon will determine the type and manufacturer of the implant as well as what surgical technique will be used. Surgeons have been trained on the newest surgical techniques including navigation and patient specific instrumentation.

Well over 90% of total knee replacement patients can expect a good to excellent clinical result which encompasses minimal to no pain, the ability to walk more than one mile, increased range of motion and patient satisfaction with the procedure. Most patients can return to low-impact sports such as golf, doubles tennis, bowling and walking, and they can use exercise machines such as stationary cycle and cross-country ski simulators.

If your doctor has recommended total knee replacement surgery, you and your family will most likely have concerns about what will happen before, during and after surgery. Hoag’s program is focused upon making you comfortable through education and expert personalized attention. It’s part of Hoag’s commitment to a greater standard of service.

Post-operative rehabilitation will be very important to your recovery. While you are an inpatient, you will begin very mild physical therapy. At Hoag, your physical therapist will be an orthopedic dedicated specialist working closely with your physician, you and your family in order to help you regain full, optimal use of your knee. To derive maximum benefit from your surgery, you will be asked to adhere to a personalized rehabilitation plan once you have been discharged from Hoag.